How to handle a re-listing

Real estate property is never sold until the final sale is made. There are many steps between putting the property on the market and finally exchanging ownership. Any number of things may go wrong during every stage, which makes the whole process difficult and strenuous for all parties involved. Buyers could as easily dislike your property just as they would pull out of a deal to buy it due to a failed inspection.

Your home’s failing of a buyer’s inspection can be particularly difficult, as this is near to the tail end of negotiations. Alongside giving your property a bad reputation, it could mean more expenses on your part. When you are negotiating with the buyer in advanced stages, your home will be taken off the market. After failing the buyer’s inspection, you will be forced to re-list it. Buyers and agents will be skeptical about its re-listing, which may reduce your ability to sell it.

You should seek to prevent such occurrences in the first place. Hire out the services of home inspection before you list it. You will incur additional expenses that you may not have if you waited for a buyer’s inspection, but you will be less likely to experience relisting. The pre-listing inspection will help identify possible issues that may have shown up later on, and jeopardized your sale.

If you do not want to carry out an inspection beforehand, you can engage in full disclosure before listing your property. Buyers will know all the facts about your house before they buy, which means that they will be less likely to reject it during their inspection.

You could also carry out the repairs that the buyers are asking for. A re-listing could be more costly than a few reasonable repairs. You should weigh their claims to determine whether you could do the repairs, with the help of real estate agent, and spend some money to address the problems if they are not too unreasonable.

If your home is re-listed, you should seek to carry out the repairs, or fully disclose of them to all buyers. Doing the repairs after failing a buyer’s inspection is the more viable option, as your home’s new unpleasant reputation could scare away even potential customers who may be interested in it despite the possible flaws.

You should also consider hiring out the additional services of specific professionals to determine the viability of the claims made in a home inspection. For instance, while a home inspection may consider a roof as being beyond its useful life, roofing professionals will probably give it at least a few more years. Specific professionals could help pinpoint the nature of the problem, which may then help give some confidence to any interested buyers.

You should remember that you may be unable to know the flaws in your property because of the close ties. Everyone thinks that their baby is the cutest, after all. Hiring out the inspection services to professionals will provide a fair assessment of your home that will help keep you from being re-listed in the first place.